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Thread: 1999 Chevy S10 oil pressure up and down

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    Hello everyone !
    I have a 99 S10 2200 cc 4 cyl auto that has a problem with the oil pressure
    dropping to zero and then engine going dead. I can wait 30 min crank it and drive it about 1 mile and it does it again. Had it towed home and its sitting until I can figure out the problem. The engine does run good with no knocks or any damage yet, but i cannot drive it because it will get dammaged. I had changed the oil 3 mo ago and probably needs another change. Do I need to replace the oil pump ? or is there something else causing this ? The truck has 135 K on it.

    Thanks for any suggestions
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    get a gauge and check oil pressure it might be a bad oil pressure sending unit. it could be saying 0 and the the ecm is shutting the truck down so you dont mess anything up.
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