i have a 1994 olds 88, 3.8l v-6 that suddenly quit running. this occured also about 1 month before and as there was no spark i took a shot and swapped the ign. module/coils packs with a spare i had from another of my vehicles and it worked for that 1 month. then the same problem. i have good fuel pressure, (approx. 40 p.s.i) at the rail, no spark, and no injector signal. after using various check charts and having a friend use a snap-on scan tool on it the following have all been replaced to no avail....P.C.M., ign module, (again), and crank sensor. i have spent a couple of hours checking all of the wiring from the ign. module to the pcm and the injectors and back. i have voltage where i am supposed to at various locations and also all grounds are good. i have been in contact with a g.m. tech who i worked with years ago, (yes, i was a certified tech. most of my life so i do know what part is what!) and my friend also is scratching his head and has no clue. anyone care to offer a suggestion?