for all your newbies out there this is your *offical* get to know whos reading your post when you write dirty words/ show nudie pictures/ say some thing offensive and editing them to be some what on the PC.

first off my names nick, im 20 live outside of cleveland and enjoy working on my truck, i LOVE corvettes and am in the middle of opening up a shop (BlackList MotorSports) itl be a place where you can get mostly any of the mods you buy installed by knowledgable professionals. sooon ill have a store up where i can sell parts but till than its just oil changes and installs.

anyways, aside from that i work in shipping and recieving for a high pressure valve and cylinder company (my facility does all CNC work) and am in the middle of fireschool ( already finished EMT basic) and am also about to start to go to welding school!

thats about it if any noobs have something they need or wanna talk PM me and ill get back to you by the AM

nick (XeRo)