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11-18-2005, 06:28 PM
How To Clean Smoke Residue From Windows

If you smoke, you will have to clean your car windows. That's just a fact.

It's fairly easy to remove smoke residue from your windows even if you allowed it to build up.

First you will want to use a good glass cleaner that will not leave streaks. You can settle for an ordinary household glass cleaner but it won't be nearly as effective as Concentrated Glass Cleaner or a good spray such as Glass Cleaner Aerosol. You will need to dilute your glass cleaner and simply spray on and clean in small circles until dry and you should have a streak free window or windshield.

If the smoke residue is seriously built up on your windows, you can use a professional car wash soap such as Wash and Shine. It will cut through even the most hard core smoke residue and leave a surface ready to clean with your glass cleaner. It works best if you use a microfiber cloth for all your glass cleaning needs. They don't spread oils or dirt and they leave a swirl free/smudge free finish.

A good hint for cleaning your side windows is to roll them partially down and you will find it is much easier to clean along the top edges.

If your windows look pitifully neglected, you can try a good glass polish. Simply run on exactly as you would a car wax and let it dry until looks hazy or foggy. Then wash it off and polish the glass with a clean microfiber cloth.

After the initial cleaning, regular cleaning of your windows will keep them looking like new.
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